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Patterns of Development in Writing | Process Analysis

to review the patterns of development our narration description a simplification process analysis cause and effect comparison contrast classification and division and lastly definition let’s go ahead and talk about process analysis the particularly pattern of development that presents a series of steps in a procedure in chronological order and shows how the sequence of steps leads to particular results is process analysis it can also be explaining how to do something how others do it or just how certain things occur and here are the three questions that go along with process analysis how did it happen what makes it work or how is it made a process analysis is a discussion of the steps one must take to achieve a particular end some process analysis writing is intended for an audience that needs to learn how to perform a process themselves for example fixing event bicycle wheel quitting smoking finding a good job other process analysis writing is informative rather than instructional examples of this type include how to resolve the health care crisis and how to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina so some process analysis analyses work on both levels for example a discussion about how to respond to global warming will probably be both instructional and informative individuals can take many steps to control global warming but other steps must be taken by corporations and governments as well so the reader reads this kind of text for understanding as well as instruction here’s an example of a process analysis paragraph today I’d like to show you how easy it is to take pictures or the digital camera you will need a light or sending place a simple digital camera with good batteries and a memory card in it a little knowledge about the controls and a subject you want a photograph if you have all of these then you are ready for the first step okay this immediately addresses the audience this is that ethos it’s connecting with audience it’s telling the audience where the writer is going with this so this is really important for process analysis to have a an introduction like this especially since this person is saying how easy it is to take pictures with a camera you all you’ll need is light a digital camera batteries and a little knowledge and you can go further off it so this is connecting with an audience that probably doesn’t know how to use a camera if this were written for someone who is more experienced or had experience in something else that’s kind of like taking a digital photograph then your process and also analysis would probably sound a little bit different so I just want to point that out that this says something about the audience here in that first little sentence go to the place you’ve chosen for your picture you will then need to find the on and off button on your camera and turn it to the on position with your camera on and ready to go look for the control that says auto or a make sure that this word is aligned with a line or mark near the control button see how how obvious this is written out for this person the so for this audience besides having a picture of exactly what that is you can pretty much tell how to do that step turn it tool to where the word is aligned to the line now you’re ready to look through the viewfinder or at the screen of the back of your camera to find your subject if your camera has automatically turned off while you are looking for the controls click the shutter button once the shutter button is usually near the control wheel and near the camera on and off button clicking it will wake the camera back up so again the the diction here is tailored to an audience that doesn’t know how to do this we are done with this step make sure that everything you want to show in the picture appears in the viewfinder or screen finally holding the camera very still click the shutter button your pictures taken as you can see it’s pretty simple to take pictures with an automatic digital camera so see how detailed this is this is a true process analysis it’s not just telling us well I’ll just go outside and take a picture okay that’s not anywhere near process analysis so I want you guys to understand that process analysis really is step by step process this is a very instructional process analysis and we’ll read more in class about there’s more informational process analysis analyses

Setting up the APA Title Page

in order to set the margins for APA papers you must first go to the page layout button then click on margins from the drop down menu choose normal which will give you a one inch margin all the way around your paper to set up the font for APA papers we first need to go to the Home tab on the ribbon now go to the font and click on the little button in the lower right hand corner and here we’re going to type Times New Roman select it make sure that it’s regular and 12-point we’re then going to click on default and select yes to set the header up on our title page which is called a running head we need to go up to the insert tab on the ribbon once there click header and from the drop down box select the first option then return to the ribbon and select different first page we’re now going to enter the text running head with a colon and then place a shortened title of our paper in all capitals now click the tab button return to the header and select page number and current position and select the first option to get back to your paper double click anywhere to set up the title for the APA paper hit enter five times then go up to the paragraph area of the ribbon select Center and now enter the full title of your paper in standard capitalization now to set the spacing and double-spaced the paper we need to go to the spacing tool and choose 2.0 which will give us double spacing then return and choose remove space after the paragraph once done our paper is properly double-spaced hit enter place your name on the next line hit enter again and then place post University and the title page is set

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